mercoledì 1 febbraio 2012


I like coming here just sometimes, sharing something of my days and upload some good pictures. especially when those days are really different from how I used to live a couple of months ago. I live in London and it's a city that litterally consumes you, but it's so freaking amazing. I just cam back from the new part time job that I finally got. It's nice to work for a good cause, also if UK is not my ntive country, but we all fight for cancer, which is everywhere, no matter which country are you from. I am having the coldest experience of my life though. Staying outside for hours at minus zero degrees is hard, you can  breathe and feel the cold everywhere. I'm getting Psychologically ready for the last day of tomorrow. I mean, the last day for this week. If I didn't get sick it would be such a success. Ahah, and I'm gonna enroll for a photography course really soon. This is what I work for also. Scotland next next weekend then. Adieu.