mercoledì 28 luglio 2010


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I have definitely fallen in love with all these beautuful items.
The nail polishes  are  new, I love all of them but maybe if i had to choose i would go for the blue one. This electric blue is perfect for summer's outfits. In my latest holiday I discovered then The Autre Chose shoes, this is curios because there's a shop near my house which sell them, also with a big discount while i was searching them in internet at home, god.
I this latest period I have a particular admiration for the stones. Stones sandals, and bows are the main themes of the brand, so i love them <3
Then, there's the Moschino dress. Okey, maybe If I were rich, knowing that my money could be spent in better ways, knowing that there are things more important and so on, but If I were rich I would run and enter in a moschino store and buy it immediatley.
I really love the foulard and the fruit pattern, it's perfect, just perfetct. And luckily for my money, I am sure that this will never be sold in an outlet, this is too perfect and beautiful, it will be sold out for sure.
Talking about perfection and things that can make you feel realised, the classic miu miu bag can't be mentioned. 785 euro for a bag that will restare with you for all your life. And seeing these things in the shops does really bad things to me. Love the shape, love the colour and the leather, it's hard to say that I have to begin to save up for a year to allow it.

(Parenthesis of my daily wishlist closed.)

This is the concert mounth for sure. After the heineken jamin festal which was one of the biggest event I've ever been, I was lucky enough to go to the electro venice festival.
If you listen to electro music you can immagine how brilliant it was. The grass lawn and the stages were a mess, but there were people who want really have fun and make noise. I was there from 6 pm to 3 am, just to see the main artists like Uffie, Ellen Alien, The Bloody Beetrots, Steave Aoiki, Richie Hawtin and so on.
You coudn't get bored. It was the second day of my official week on the beach of jesolo, and a particular saturday evening i have to say :)
these are some pictures:

Here are also some pictures of jesolo, streets and beach where I go punctually once or twice a year. everythings was good apart the temperature. Some days it was so hot that I even couldn't breath,  I haven't been feeling  36 degrees in my bedroom at 3 in the morning. since a lot of time. So sunglasses, top and shorts was the perfect receipe to face  those hot days.

Bag: Undercolors of Benetton new collection; Tee: Happiness is a 10$'s Tee Skirt: Zara TRF; Sandals: H&M Fashion Against AIDS; Ring: Swatch; Bracelet: Accessorize

Although there were really nice shops and i was there the day of the begginig of the sales i didn't buy so much from jesolo.
Just, this suit, which can be wore during the day and during the night also. It's from Benetton and I found it in the discounted  items, so I buy it without thinking about it, i love it.
Theeen, a pair of shoes wich is a must for me with sales. These are from Le Lolita's. Can't wait for september and october for wear them <3
Near my house then there was this particoular shop, that use to sell all these accessories made by hand. It was full full of little stones and pearls, and there also some vintage stuff. i bought this bracelet(i really love the colours) and this awesome brooch.

Last sunday I was coming back home and I decided to stop to the macarthurglen outlet, which is near Treviso in Noventa di Piave.
You can immagine my face when for the first time I enterd there. It's like a beautiful small town, full of coloyred houses and every house is a shop of high quality, like Burberry Paul Smith, Fendi, Salvatore Ferragamo and so on. Every outlet had the 50% discount of the normal prices in the shops but there were sales even there ,so it was really a good place for making affairs.
55 new shops are now opening and you can see a lot of other colorate houses which are growing so fast. Between all of these beautiful shops there's also the Fornarina and come as usual I didn't know it.
You perfectly know the dress I put at the end of the last post, i thought i had lost it beacause I discovered it belonged to the old collection, so i have neglected the idea of possess it....when..actually.. i saw it in the outlet of fornarina.! and even with a big discount as i was saying. llllovely <3 here i am proudly with it. eheh

Wore with Tatoosh Leather boots.

mercoledì 7 luglio 2010

Long Long Days

I have definitely to write more beacuse there are loooots of things to say, pictures to post and so on.
I think that tha the best way to begin this long post is posting here all the pictures done in the latest weeks.Ths is just for making order in my head because all the comments, and the latest facts are jumping from a side to the other in my mind.

This is just a Friday afternoon begun in the worst of the ways and ended definitely better. It's a place near my house, and there it has been built a tropical garden with lots of butterflies. just wanted to spend some time outside in a garden and this was probably the best choice.  This was also the first time I wore the new Zara Pants, which are kind of particular( simple t-shirt and good weather are necessary conditions for wearing them, for sure ).

Theeen, I went to Milan and it was fabulous.And it's true that people remind only the good moments of a trip, event or whatever.It was so hot that I even wanted to sit in a chair and stay there all the time, but Milan is Milan so I took the decision to go and I gritted the teeth. Here are some pics of that day.

I didn't spend too much money( strange isn't it?) ahah just a stop, which is a must to the "My Closet" shop where you can find the most beautiful t-shirt ever, abercrombie and fitch's, H&M for the accessories and others little shops.Talking about H&M I think that one news that has to be underlined is the opening of the new H&M store in padua, where they finally put the DIVIDED line. Hallelujah.Sooo,when I saw it  I definitely thought " oh my god it's the end for me and my money ahaha". and I bought a jacket, a dress, some divided accessories and a payette-leggins which are really cool. I've also made some pictures of the city and I have to confess that in Summer padua seems another city, more hospitable and even more nice.

 And last but not least, the Heineken Jamin Festival, because yes , this is a good period for me, and i was lucky enough that I managed to work there and now i'm just back after four full days. I lived all the beautiful moments, and the sunny days with the virgin radio and I lived the rain, and the sadness of who came for Greenday and prayed until the end for a miracle but there were not the conditions for a good concert and Parco San Giuliano looked like a wetland that night. But the day after all seemed to be forgotten and I saw free for the staff the Black eyed peace concert. ahah, with their electro Dj Set they have been fabulous.! Then I was lucky enough to see a half-hour of the 30 seconds to Mars and the skunk anansie, but it's not hard to confess that I've been alaways listening to some good music during the four days. and then the audio in that enormous park is so loud that you can listen to each concert perfectly and the view is not bad at all. If you then want to listen to some rock music you definitely have to tune in virgin radio where the main message is " i wanna rock  all night and party every day " ahah.

Posting here these new picture I underline that I need a new camera. And this is not good because when I say that i need something I have to obtain it, absolutely. and it will be very difficult or even impossibile to resister until december, for christmas or my birthday. Aaaarggh I want it NOW :) and in occasions like concerts you realise how much is important to have a good camera with a good zoom.

Well, Ithink I said enough, I leave you with the image of this beautiful dress wore by Giulia Salvi of Vigin radio whom with I really have fallen in love. <3 isn't it beautiful? ahah it reminds me a sweet candy. The only thing I know is that it's a fornarina dress. Does anyone know something about it? where can i find it? Have a good week.